Getting Prepared for the New Semester

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So since we’re finally in August we can talk about the start of a new semester! I love the new clean slate feeling that the start of a new semester brings. However, sometimes the start of a new semester can feel daunting and a little scary. Getting ready for the semester can help with these nerves. The best time to get prepped is definitely August. As it’s not too far away from starting but it’s not ridiculously close either. Hopefully, these tips can help you get ready!

Get your diary out.

I’m guessing that you’ve all probably got your shiny new academic diaries. This means you can start getting all planned up. The things I like to plan for are lectures, assignments and things that may be going on around your university. One piece of advice would be to put these dates in your planner in pencil or one of those fancy erasable pens because these dates are subject to change before the start of the year. Doing this makes you feel a little more ready for the new semester. Also, it gives you space to plan around your work hours or social life. If you don’t already have your academic diary then you may find a lovely discount code for you to use when purchasing one here.

Set some goals.

Setting goals gets me really fired up and motivated. My goal was to get 60% or higher in my assignments. And other than one pesky 59%, I did it! Having this goal really helped me stay on track and it was really inspiring. I felt so proud of myself when my results were posted because I had done it. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to set or reach goals because you may find that it knocks you back a little so just set comfortable little ones.

Read ahead.

As all RPDR fans know, READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. But really, getting ahead with your reading is probably one of the biggest favours that you can do for your academic self. When I’m at university I spend approximately 10 hours of my weeks doing readings. Some of these are for lectures, others are for assignments and sometimes I like to read into a topic more to gain more understanding of the information.  Reading ahead can make sure your one step ahead when you start back which is always a good thing. There is almost always a reading list upon your module guides for you to take a peek at so do yourself a favour and get ahead!

Check out what’s going on.

Universities and colleges always seem to have events on here and there so have a little look at what’s going on next semester. There may be someone doing a talk within a sector that you’re interested in going into. These events are there to help you out. I’ve taken part in my universities career development week for the last two years. I have been to loads of workshops that can help with my future after university. They can help with boosting your CV, too.

Hopefully, these tips can make you feel a little less nervous about starting back in September. I wish you all the best of luck for your new academic year. I’m sure you’ll smash it.

✩ What gets you excited for the new semester?

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