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Do you know a Local Role Model who deserves a personal thank you?

Everyone of us has been touched by the bravery, hard work and dedication shown by the people around us.

They deserve our appreciation and we want to give you the opportunity to say a big thank you to the people who have made a difference in your life.

You can show your gratitude by nominating someone who has gone above and beyond.

It could be the nurse who saved your life, the doctor who supported your community, your family member who is working tirelessly to do their bit battling #Covid-19 or the unacknowledged guardian angel doing their best to help us #staysafe.

Nominate your  #MyLocalRoleModel

Their story will be featured on our site with one deserving Local Role Model winning a gift, such as a food parcel, beauty pack, or weekend break worth a minimum of £100.

We hope to do this every week over the next month, you can help us say thank you by clicking donate so we can offer more gifts for these incredible people. If you would like to donate a gift to giveaway, please get in touch with us here

Nominations now closed.


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