Why Its Important to Listen to Your Own Voice!

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Today we live in a world of social media, media and influencers who do everything in their power to influence how we view ourselves, how we should live our life and what we should consider as important. At times this angers me as someone who writes blogs for Need to Live, I work to give you a realistic perspective on what everyday Joes and Janes go through instead of living through the alternate reality of social media where not everything is what it seems where people will go out of their way to deceive you into thinking.

This also goes for media in general too like reality shows, the news and other media sources. Although we are a media source too I like to think we write from the heart not necessary to get more likes on our social media sites (I have no social media sites).

The Pandemic and The Damage

Over the course of this horrific year of Covid-19 and the pandemic many which were forced to stay home out of safety gravitated towards the one thing most of us have access to the internet, social media and other forms of at home entertainment. Social media such as Facebook and twitter usage have increased exponentially filled with some truth, but in reality its my opinion there are voices that that go out of their way to shape the way you and I think or should think especially with politics.

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It is my opinion that instead of listening to our own voice, many have chosen to listen to lies and misinformation labeling It as truth. I often think as society especially in the west where I live we are supposed to be smarter than that, but maybe I am wrong because if you watch our News programs to will see that many choose to believe in conspiracy’s.

Many of you may say well that’s their choice to believe in what they want even if its not true. Yes, all can create our own belief systems and values hopefully they are based in reality but it seems its only getting worse.

Where Did We Go Wrong or Did We?

I often wonder where we as society went wrong where we stopped believing in truth and our own voice and replacing it with those that have no direct contact with our life like family and friends. For example, many listen to influencers and celebrities for their daily living advise such as you should eat this, dress like this or act this way to get somewhere in life and why cant we all follow the beat of our drum, why must we follow someone’s else’s.



Each day we all have a choice how to live our lives but why do many feel they need be validated by what others say and how others live their lives as if they are a source guaranteeing success. I know to a certain degree we should listen to experts because they have truly studied subjects to make us better people like health and fitness, there is a science behind it.

But what has really triggered this thinking for me is politics. Living in the United States Politics has become a divisive tool that once was to help the people but have turned into Us Versus them, believe this ideology , follow this political group, being a liberal versus conservative and if you are one party you are bad and horrible human being. Add into the fact that religion that has in some part made people turn from the true principles of helping us be better people.

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I know, I know I am going on a tangent here and some of you may not agree, but hopefully you get my drift that we must work to refocus on how to live our individual lives once again and stop relaying on those outside forums and really focus on those sources that are known not to spreads lies and misinformation to you.

For example the Need To Live works to provide you information and voices of those who live life , who struggle with everything things that you and I want answers too.

One may ask well what is the difference between Need to Live and other sources on the internet and many I say try to persuade you to take up their ideology and spread it to others which can be dangerous at times especially if you see what conspiracies can do to society.

Let’s Put the Phone Down once and Again

I am in no way trying to tell you how to think, I am merely saying that we should really put away social media and those means of media that actually to do damage to our thinking. Studies have shown the damage society media has and continues to do to society, that is not just my opinion it’s a fact.

It is my intention that we all grow to be people who follow our hearts and minds to those things we need to have fulfilling lives. Each day there is a new piece of technology, a new app or device that makes life easier which is not a bad thing until we start relaying on those things to replace our own voice.

I believe that social media is no longer a place to voice our own voice, but to take up others voices, spread lies and misinformation and ultimately spread hate in the form of free speech.

Better Devoted Time

That is why I devote so much of my time to reading and writing so that my voice stays my voice and doesn’t get lost. I understand I still use resources found online in my research for my blogs and my writing because the truth is still important when I write to you and myself.

Thank you for always listening and your support in my quest for truth and knowledge and my hope is that you all see my intention to make you and I better people in the long run, where we are not conformed to the ideas of others but our own beliefs and value systems, something I think many don’t take too much stock of today.

Maybe for once we could go back to the future and redo history in the sense of learning of our wrongs of today and correcting them as its not too late for any of us to turn back and do a 180, or our we outta time!

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